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A.A. Tradition - 1947 AA Pamphlet

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A.A. Tradition "Our experience has taught us ..."

An A.A. Publication

Published by Works Publishing , Inc.

P.O. Box 459 (Grand Central Annex), New York 17, N.Y.,

(Permission A.A. Grapevine, Inc.),

Copyright 1947.

This pamphlet is a collection of essays written by AA cofounder Bill Wilson on the 12 Traditions that totals 48 pages including the covers. This pamphlet was published by Works Publishing, Inc. in 1947.

During the early days of Alcoholics Anonymous, members had many growing experiences, some smooth and some not so smooth. These learning experiences formed an understanding that would result in guidance designed to assure AA's survival for years to come. From these experiences was born AA's second legacy - Unity.

Through the correspondence with groups about their experiences, AA's co-founder Bill W. noted how successful groups functioned. His observations formed the foundation of "Twelve Points to Assure Our Future," the original name used to represent AA's Twelve Traditions. Bill W. had a tough time convincing other members of the need for "guidelines" and had to sell the idea to the Fellowship. He did this by writing about the need in AA's newsletter the AA Grapevine, beginning in August 1945 and running through November 1947. From December 1947 through November 1948, Bill presented the arguments as number Traditions.

The Grapevine articles are reproduced in this booklet: A.A. TRADITION as 11 chapters, including: FOREWORD - Alcoholics Anonymous Tradition: Twelve Points to Assure our Future - Who is a Member of Alcoholics Anonymous? - Anonymity PART ONE and PART TWO - Money PART ONE and PART TWO - Adequate Hospitalization - One Great Need - Clubs in AA - Are They Here to Stay? - Dangers in Linking A.A. to Other Projects - Will A.A. Ever Have a Personal Government? Incorporations: Their Use and Misuses - A.A. General Service Center. The Alcoholic Foundation. The A.A. General Service Office. The A.A. Grapevine - Why Can't We Join A.A. Too!

This pamphlet is in excellent condition with only some minor wear to the edges and corners.

Please view all of the photos for the conditions.