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Alcohol, Science and Society - 6th Printing 1954 - ODJ

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Alcohol, Science and Society: Twenty-nine Lectures with Discussions as given at the Yale Summer School of Alcoholics Studies. This is a Sixth Printing from October, 1954 with the Original Dust Jacket. This book includes a lecture given by AA cofounder Bill Wilson during the summer of 1944.

About the book:

“Here are included twenty-nine lectures with the discussion given at the Yale Summer School of Alcohol Studies during 1944. The subjects include considerations of metabolism and physiology of alcohol, the relation of alcohol to nutrition, the psychologic and psychiatric aspects of excessive drinking and inebriety, the relation of alcohol to pauperism and traffic, the medical treatment of the inebriate and similar topics. Altogether, the book provides about as complete a consideration of the subject as is anywhere available. The concluding chapter is a consideration of Alcoholics Anonymous, the most recent group movement for self control by inebriates.”

This book is in good condition. The book has light wear to the cover, bumped corners. There is no writing or markings inside the book. The dust jacket has experienced wear. Chipping, fading, and has been torn into two pieces down the spine.

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