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Signed - How You Can Help Other People by Samuel M. Shoemaker

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How You Can Help Other People by Samuel M. Shoemaker.

This book has been inscribed and signed by Shoemaker in May 1949.

The copyright page indicates that this book is a Second Printing  that was published in April 1946.

This book is in very good condition. The book is fully intact, pages are clean with normal toning for its age. The inscription is on the first page of the book, no other writing or markings in the book. The original dust jacket has some edge wear. There is a small tear on the spine of the book.

About the book from the Dust Jacket:

"None of us knows enough about helping people. But we shall not learn more about it until we begin to do it. A need faces us today perhaps greater than any that we have ever known. It should enlist the sympathy and interest and active cooperation of all who believe that the mind and the spirit of man are at least as important his body…

Thousands of men are coming back who will need, not only medical and psychological help, but a deep understanding on the part of all those with whom they come in contact… This is a time of great moral and emotional crisis for millions, and we must give in unprecedented ways. As heathy people in wartime give blood to save wounded bodies, so emotionally healthy people must give friendship and understanding to repeir wounded minds and spirits... To a spirit in utter darkness and despair, it is not bare knowledge that matters, it is the love and faith of others."

Sam Shoemaker is well known in the recovery community as he was AA cofounder Bill Wilson’s spiritual advisor during the vital pioneering days of AA. Bill W. wrote: “Dr. Sam Shoemaker was one of A.A.’s indispensables. Had it not been for his ministry to us in our early time, our Fellowship would not be in existence today.”

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