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From Dr. Bob’s Personal Library - The Betty Book

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From Dr. Bob’s Personal Library:

The Betty Book

Excursions into the World of Other-Consciousness

Made by Betty between 1919 and 1936


This is a first edition from 1937.

This book is one that was owned by and part of Dr. Bob Smith’s personal library of spiritual books. Dr. Bob hand wrote on the first page:

“Bob Smith. 855 Ardmore Ave, Akron. 39”

This is a recently found piece of Dr. Bob’s personal library! It is incredibly rare to find an item that belonged to Dr. Bob as almost every item that he owned, wound up going to Brown University in 1999.

After Dr. Bob’s passing, it appears that the book was handed down to his daughter Sue Smith Windows. An address label is placed on the inside of the front board of the book. The label contains the name: “Mrs. E.W. Galbraith” and her Akron address from when she was married to early AA member Ernie Galbraith.

This book remains in good condition as it has experienced some wear to the cover over the years. The cover and spine shows some wear, stains, and fading.

Information about this book:

From the Introduction-
While considering the most effective introduction to the material comprised in this book, I submitted the puzzle to a friend whose judgment I value. His letter so fittingly and completely answered my problem that I feel I can do no better than to set it down here.

"I should begin, in effect, somewhat as follows": he wrote me. "This book is the record, condensed, of the excursions of 'Betty,' a psychic intimately known to me and of absolute integrity, into the world of 'other-
consciousness' and of communications received by her from forces which I have ventured to call 'the invisibles". These excursions, made in a condition of trance or otherwise, began in the year 1919 and have continued ever since. They are recorded in the following pages with no idea of adding to the existing literature of automatic writing and kindred phenomena; but in the belief that, as embodying a workable philosophy of life, they may be of aid to seekers after spiritual light."

Dr. Bob Collection at Brown University:

Below is a description of the Dr. Bob collection now at Brown University. It makes this book so special to own as it is one of only a few pieces that did not end up at Brown University.

“The collection consists of over five thousand items, including two hundred books, dozens of pieces of memorabilia, and several hundred manuscripts (original and photocopied) and photographs once the property of "Dr. Bob," the legendary co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous. The collection was purchased in November 1999 from Sue Smith Windows, Dr. Bob's daughter and donated by Esmond Harmsworth, James Abernathy, Christopher Ohrstrom, Mark Ohrstrom, and Richard Ohrstrom. Books, all from Dr. Bob's personal library, deal with religious and spiritual topics as well as the problems of addiction and recovery. Manuscripts include the notes of Dr. Bob's wife, Anne, who jotted down the spiritual principles that eventually influenced the AA movement's twelve steps; a looseleaf binder containing the mimeographed instructions on how to set up an AA meeting sent out to chapter secretaries; and some pages of Dr. Bob's letters and notes. Among the notable items in this collection are the coffee pot that Dr. Bob and Bill W. first used to sober up in 1935.”