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More Twice-Born Men by Harold Begbie - 1923 - ODJ

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More Twice Born Men by Harold Begbie.

This book was published in 1923. This book is extremely rare to find with the original dust jacket! The dust jacket has been preserved very well with only some minor edge wear. Included on the dust jacket is a quote and endorsement from William James, author of Varieties of Religious Experience.

This book is in excellent condition. There is minimal wear to the cover. There is handwriting on the first page of the book. There is no other writing or markings in the book.

More Twice Born Men is comprised of century-old stories of men who had their lives changed so profoundly and so dramatically that the original book was reprinted 11 times.

More Twice Born Men is also about a man, Frank Buchman, who was first and foremost a teacher. Buchman could change the lives of students and scholars in the course of a single conversation; changing those lives so profoundly and persuasively that the world was in disbelief. Buchman started a movement that reached the shores of America and lives today in the form of many 12-step programs. While the original movement was founded on Christianity, its principles and ideas moved beyond religion and Christianity into a more generic spiritual movement.

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