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Nicotine Anonymous: The Book - First Edition

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Nicotine Anonymous: The Book

This is a First Edition 3rd Printing from January 1994.

About this book from the Foreword:

“In 1988, we prepared a long questionnaire. From the many responses which were received, we have written a draft of a portion of the book of Nicotine Anonymous, and that section of the draft of our book
appears as Part I (pages 1-25) of this printed material.

In addition to forming the background for the text in Part I, the questionnaire answers also contained a wealth of ideas which we felt we should share with our members as direct quotes. The following Part II (pages 27-83) of this material consists of all of the various questions that formed the questionnaire, and after each question, we have repeated some of the more “quotable quotes.” The process of creating this
portion of the book is not complete, but we wanted to
share with you these results as they exist now.

Finally, Part III (pages 85-end) of this material is the draft of our discussion of the Twelve Steps as applied to nicotine. The writing and editing of this portion of the book is still in somewhat preliminary stages. We are happier with the drafts of some of the Steps than with others, and we are aware that there are some gaps, and we jump around between present to past tense. Nonetheless, we hope that there are some
gems in this draft material which may be helpful and

This is a paperback book that remains in very good condition. The cover has experienced some light edge wear and stains.

Please view all of the photos for the conditions.