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Remaking The World - Frank N. D. Buchman - 1958

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Remaking The World

Frank N. D. Buchman


This book is in very good condition. There is an inscription on the first page (visible in pictures).

Remaking The World, the title of Buchman's collected speeches, was central to Buchman's vision. "The Oxford Group is a Christian revolution for remaking the world. The root problems in the world today are dishonesty, selfishness and fear – in men and, consequently, in nations. These evils multiplied result in divorce, crime, unemployment, recurrent depression and war. How can we hope for peace within a nation, or between nations, when we have conflict in countless homes? Spiritual recovery must precede economic recovery. Political or social solutions that do not deal with these root problems are inadequate." In order to "remake the world", people had to change: "Everybody wants to see the other fellow changed. Every nation wants to see the other nation changed. But everybody is waiting for the other fellow to begin. The Oxford Group is convinced that if you want an answer for the world today, the best place to start with is with yourself. This is the first and fundamental need." Launching a campaign for "Moral Re-Armament" in East Ham Town Hall in 1938, Buchman said: "We need a power strong enough to change human nature and build bridges between man and man, faction and faction. This starts when everyone admits his own faults instead of spot-lighting the other fellow's. God alone can change human nature. The secret lies in that great forgotten truth, that when man listens, God speaks; when man obeys, God acts; when men change, nations change."

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