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The Al-Anon Family Groups with Original Dust Jacket - First Printing 1955

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The Al-Anon Family Groups - A Guide for the Families of Problem Drinkers

Al-Anon officially formed in 1951 and released several pamphlets between 1951-55. This is a first printing of this book from 1955.

"The Al-Anon Family Groups" is a foundational text for the Al-Anon fellowship, which is an organization designed to help the families and friends of alcoholics. This book was first released at the 1955 Alcoholics Anonymous International Convention held in St. Louis, an event marking the 20th anniversary of Alcoholics Anonymous. This release was significant as it marked the formal introduction of Al-Anon to a wider audience, particularly to those already familiar with or involved in AA.

Al-Anon was officially founded in 1951 by Lois Wilson, wife of Bill Wilson (co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous), along with Anne B. Lois recognized the need for a support system for the families of alcoholics who also suffered from the effects of the disease. The formation of Al-Anon was inspired by her own experiences and struggles as the spouse of a person with alcoholism.

The book serves as a guide and resource for understanding the dynamics of living with an alcoholic. It compiles the experiences and insights of group members from various Al-Anon Family Group meetings. The primary goal is to offer support and practical advice for families and friends of alcoholics, helping them deal with the impact of addiction while promoting their own mental and emotional health.

"The Al-Anon Family Groups" contains narratives and discussions about the principles of Al-Anon, the steps, and the experiences of members who have found solace and support through the group meetings. It emphasizes the importance of detachment with love, personal responsibility, and spiritual growth.

The release of the book at the 1955 AA International Convention helped establish Al-Anon's identity and its critical role within the wider community of those affected by alcoholism. It also facilitated the spread of Al-Anon's message and the establishment of new groups across the country and internationally. Releasing the book at this large, celebratory event where AA members from around the world gathered not only underscored the interconnectedness of AA and Al-Anon but also legitimized Al-Anon’s place within the recovery community. It highlighted the need for a parallel program that addresses the struggles faced by the loved ones of alcoholics.

The release of "The Al-Anon Family Groups" was a pivotal moment in the history of 12-step recovery, marking the formal recognition and expansion of a program that acknowledged and addressed the needs of those indirectly affected by alcoholism. It remains a cornerstone of Al-Anon literature, continually helping countless individuals and families navigate the challenges of alcoholism.

The book is in very good condition. There is no writing or markings inside the book. The book has its original dust jacket. There is edge wear and small tears to the jacket.

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