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The God Who Speaks by Burnett Hillman Streeter - 1936 - ODJ

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The God Who Speaks by Burnett Hillman Streeter - 1936 - with an original dust jacket.

This book is in very good condition with only some light wear to the cover and no writing or markings inside the book. The original dust jacket has experienced wear around the edges, tears at the spine and folds of the front and back flaps and fading to the color.

Please view all of the photos for the conditions.

About the book from the Prologue:

ONCE upon a time, the story goes, a country mouse was entangled by a town mouse in an argument to prove that there is no God. "But, dash it all." said the country mouse, "there must be a sort of a something." Quite apart from the Bible, great thinkers like Aristotle reached the belief in a great Unseen Reality to which could be given the name God. The question, however, whether, and (if so) how, we can derive from the Bible a knowledge of the character and will of God more definite and more profound than the human intellect unaided has so far been able to attain is of the first importance; for otherwise the word God is likely to degenerate into a name given to a "sort of a something", a vast vagueness for some merely awful, for others benevolent but too hazy to affect practically the conduct of everyday life.

The exploration of the intellectual basis of religion- with special reference to the existence of God, the relation of religion and science, and the problems of pain and immortality- has since undergraduate days been a main preoccupation of my own mind.”