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The Original Big Book Recovery Collectibles

The Original Big Book

The Original Big Book. 


The Alcoholics Anonymous First Printing of the First Edition Big Book from 1939 with the Original Dust Jacket is the most uncommon AA Big Book book to find available for purchase with an exception for the Seventh Printing from 1945 which only had a few hundred copies printed due to printing errors. 


There were approximately 4,600 First Printings that were printed in April 1939. For comparison, each of the first 6 printings of the book had approximately 5,000 copies and the Eighth Printing from 1945 had 20,000. With the First Printing being the oldest and most unique of them all, it holds the most value. 

To find a First Printing with the Original Dust Jacket is even more rare to find. It is believed that there are probably less than 100 that have survived over the years. Many of these books that are in similar conditions have been sold for $50,000 and more.

Front Cover

This specific book has stood the test of time. It is in remarkable condition. The red cloth cover has remained bright with minimal signs of wear. The gilt lettering has been unaffected by any fading or rubbing. The dust jacket has truly done its job in protecting this original big book! The dust jacket shows some signs of markings and fading from sunlight. This jacket is all in one piece! It is extremely rare to find a dust jacket that has not been torn. 


The original owner of this The original big book made some pen marking on pages towards the front of the book with none appearing after page 31. It appears that this owner did not stick with the program! This book comes in a custom made red clam shell protective case.


This piece is one that many AA collectors dream of acquiring! Now is your chance to add this to your collection before its too late!


You can learn more about this book here: Alcoholics Anonymous 1st Edition 1st Printing - 1939 - ODJ