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Alcoholics Anonymous 2nd Edition 16th Printing 1974 - ODJ

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Alcoholics Anonymous 2nd Edition 16th Printing 1974 - ODJ

This book is a great collector's item! This is the last printing of the 2nd Edition.

Here is some historical information about the Second Edition of the Big Book:

“Originally published in 1939, when membership of the A.A. Fellowship was less than one hundred, the first edition of this book has now gone through more than 300,000 copies.

To members, old and new, certain facts about our second edition may be of interest.

Of course, the basic text itself, page 1 to page 165, remains substantially unchanged. To the minds of most A.As, this should stand as first written.

But the front matter has been re-edited and enlarged, including an historical sketch.

Additional recommendations from religion and medicine are given.

A larger Appendix records the A.A. Tradition, and also shows how A.A. can best be reached from any part of the world.

The Personal Story Section has, however, been much revised to meet the needs of an A.A. membership grown from 100 to more than 725,000.

To afford readers a better view of our present membership, the Story Section of this edition now comprises thirty-seven case histories, an addition of 110,000 words of completely new material.

Special attention is drawn to Part II of the stories entitled, "They Stopped in Time".

These will be of particular interest to all who wonder whether they are alcoholics and if A.A. is for them.

This work is authorized by the General Service Conference of Alcoholics Anonymous in the confident hope that a new milestone has been erected upon the road of A.A. progress.”

Another notable and historical note about anonymity is present on the dust jacket of all Second Edition books:

“If you wish to preserve complete personal anonymity when carrying this book, just turn this jacket inside out. It has been especially designed for your convenience.”

This book contains the original dust jacket. The jacket has some edge wear with small tears. This book is in very good condition. There is red pen writing on the top of the inside cover and the first page of the book is torn out and missing. There is no other writing or markings inside the book.

Please view all the photos for the conditions!