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Alcoholics Anonymous Second edition Big Book Original Jackets

Alcoholics Anonymous Second Edition Big Books 1955-1974

The Alcoholics Anonymous Second Edition Big Book was first released at the 1955 Alcoholics Anonymous International Convention in St. Louis. It was sixteen years after the release of the First Printing of the First Edition. The Second Edition featured some new content that was not present in the First Editions. Included was a new 'Foreward' that detailed some of the Alcoholics Anonymous history up to that point. There were thirty-three new stories added to the back of the book in the story section. This Edition was introduced with a new all-blue cover featuring the Alcoholics Anonymous circle and triangle logo. The First, Second and Third Printings of the Second Edition are all very similar with hidden markings to decipher the differences. The First Printing is exactly the same as the second printing with the only way to decipher a difference being on page 'xx' at line line 6, the word “really” is spelled incorrectly and spelled “realy”. That word is spelled correctly in second printings. On both printings, the dust jacket states AA Pub. on the spine and at the bottom of page 16 it shows that their were 6,000 groups in 1955. The third printing featured a misprint on the dust jacket that states that the book is a "Third Edition", which was incorrect. The third printing also states on pages 'xv' and 16 that their were 7,000 groups in 1959. In all, there were sixteen printings of the Alcoholics Anonymous Second Edition Big Book with the first printing in 1955 to the sixteenth printing in 1974. 

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