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To Drink or Not To Drink by Charles H. Durfee - 1942

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To Drink or Not To Drink by Charles H. Durfee

This printing of the book is from 1942. The book has an original copyright date of 1937. 

The author wrote a tribute in the Preface of the book to the pioneering men that sparked the Emmanuel Movement: Elwood Worcester, Courtenay Baylor and Richard Peabody.

Included with the book is a newspaper article clipping. The article was written by the author Charles Durfee and is titled “Distress at Missing Cocktail Hour May Be Early Warning” and was published in the Houston Post on May 6, 1955.

This book is in very good condition. There are some stains and minor wear to the cover. There is no writing or markings inside the book. The dust jacket has some edge wear.

Please view all of the photos for the conditions.

About this book:

Can you take it? Dr. Durfee asks and answers that question in this book on the abuse of alcohol. He is a noted psychologist who has put his theories into practice and discovered that they work. He is not an advocate of wholesale teetotalism. He does not wave the white flag for temperance for the world. Those who drink in moderation do not concern him in this book. Here he treats of the man or woman whose drinking is not a matter of choice, but of inner necessity.

These people he terms problem-drinkers. They need all the help that modern psychology, education, and medicine can give them. On his farm in Rhode Island and in their homes, he has been successful in his treatment of alcoholics whose drinking is a symptom of social and personal maladjustment.

Bolts and bars, he maintains, do not provide a cure for the problem-drinker, for he has found that an individual's drinking is not a disease, but a protest against life-a social symptom. It is the whole man Dr. Durfee takes into account. By uncovering the bugbear which the drinker is trying to escape and giving him a new outlook on life, the alcoholic can be freed of his burdens, taught to face reality.

This interpretation of the drinker's problems and the simple but profound system Dr. Durfee pursues will be of benefit to laymen, as well as to psychologists, social workers, and physicians in its new approach.

Are you a problem-drinker? In this book are histories of cases, their causes and cures, which may give you insight into your own case. If you are not a problem-drinker, have you relatives or friends that are recluses or good fellows in their cups who are victims of an alcoholic dilemma? What you can do about it is answered in this book.