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24 Magazine - August 1976

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24 Magazine: The magazine of living the Survivors program - twenty-four hours at a time.

This issue of the 24 Magazine from August 1976 features the headline “Absolute Honesty in Politics”.

The 24 Magazine was produced by and with heavy involvement of Tom Powers who is well known as a longtime friend of AA cofounder Bill Wilson.

The people who produce 24 Magazine are: Thomas E. Powers, Publisher; Thomas R. Powers, Editor; Thomas R. White, John T. Burns, David Randall, Robert Calhoun. Samuel Abrahamson, Associate Editors; Robin Dawes, Michael K. Ducey, Noel G. Grabill, Robert M. Smith, Ruth M. Rickloff, Contributing Editors, Meredith K Murray, Rights, Permissions, Circulation; Gwyn Grabill, Readers' Service; Christopher Stein, Production Manager. Some people on the 24 Magazine staff are listed under pseudonyms. A number of us are members of Alcoholics Anonymous, and the use of pseudonyms enables us to write freely of our experiences as alcoholics without breaking the AA tradition of anonymity at the level of press, television, radio, and film. 24 Magazine has no official connection
with Alcoholics Anonymous.