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For Groupers Only by B.C. Plowright - 1932

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For Groupers Only by B.C. Plowright. - 1932

Being a Judgment concerning the Oxford Groups and contained in letters to Duncan Hyde, Undergraduate, sometime Joyous Pagan and a recent convert at a House-Party.

This is a first printing of this book from 1932. The book was printed with a almost paperback type cover which is a flimsy card stock cover with a dust jacket adhered on top. The cover has experienced wear with stains and edge wear. The book appears to be a former library book with a bar code taped onto the first page.

About the book from the front flap of the dust jacket:

”The Movement known to its numerous friends and adherents in this country as the Oxford Groups, to its enemies as the Buchmanites, and in America as the First Century Christian Fellowship, has become a definite force in the religious life of the country, and it is high time that it received the critical attention which its present position merits."
- The New Statesman and Nation

The Author of this reasoned yet kindly valuation writes from First-hand knowledge of the Groups, and presents in this little volume a lively discussion of both the aims and methods of this remarkable movement”