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How You Can Find Happiness by Samuel M. Shoemaker

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How You Can Find Happiness by Samuel M. Shoemaker

This is a first printing from 1947.

About the book from the Introduction:

“This is not intended to be an abstract book about happiness, but a concrete book which will help people to find it. It is not so much my intention to paint a picture even of what true happiness is, as to construct a practical pathway along which one may travel till he comes to it for himself. One would not add to the already large number of books which put before people big, rather inaccessible visions of what their lives might be. By the thoughts, the attitudes, the beliefs, the practises which are set forth in this book, some of us have come to live in the City of Happiness. All of us move out of it sometimes, but it can become our accustomed domicile. It does not gleam like a tantalizing mirage on the horizon, which only moves further off the nearer you try to come to it: it is as hard and as real as the New York sky-line seen from the Jersey shore, and you can cross into it by just as direct routes. If this book proves to be a little ferry by which even a few people make that transition, it will have been worth all I have put into it.”

This book is in very good condition. There is some minor wear to the cover. A previous owner of the book signed their name inside the front cover and made some markings and underlining inside the book.

Please view all of the photos for the conditions.

Sam Shoemaker is well known in the recovery community as he was AA cofounder Bill Wilson’s spiritual advisor during the vital pioneering days of AA. Bill W. wrote: “Dr. Sam Shoemaker was one of A.A.’s indispensables. Had it not been for his ministry to us in our early time, our Fellowship would not be in existence today.”