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September Remember by Eliot Taintor - 1st Printing - ODJ

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This is the book titled September Remember A Novel by Eliot Taintor. This is a first printing from 1945. The book comes with an Original Dust Jacket.

This book is in very good condition. There is some fading and small marks on the cover. The book is fully intact with no torn or missing pages. 

An alcoholic on awakening is much like a newborn baby—fragile and without any defense against a very sober world. September Remember begins with a terrifying—and darkly funny blackout—the sort of a blackout that pulls you right into the mind of a drunk on the loose. Reading it, I was reminded of my AA friend picking me up in his truck, the uncertainty of that boozy hazy evening. The blackout is not the story of September Remember, but it’s that darkness that will suck you into this story.

When published, September Remember was a best seller, and the first known novel that put AA into literary consciousness. It’s been out of print now for over 60 years.

The book is full of language and prejudices that are reflective of its time. That was the time of America between the two world wars: more than twenty years before Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech, years before women made it out of the kitchen into the living room, and years before new immigrants were only recognizable by the derogatory terms used to describe them. In that way, September Remember can be treated as a historical document that mentions Alcoholics Anonymous, but it is much more than that: its mythology is essentially AA’s, a story of rebirth and redemption.

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