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Signed - The Church Can Save The World by Samuel M. Shoemaker

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The Church Can Save The World by Samuel M. Shoemaker. The copyright page indicates that this book is a First Edition that was published in 1938.

This book is in very good condition. The book is fully intact, pages are clean with normal toning for its age. The original dust jacket has some tears anround the edges.

About the book from the Foreword:

”I have written this book because I believe that the only answer to the mounting needs and perils of the world is a spiritual answer - God's answer.

I believe that what we need more than anything else is a spiritual mass-movement: millions of men and women in personal touch with God, and united in a spiritual army which God can mobilize.

I believe we can get it.

I believe that the churches are the natural place (though by no means the only place) to look for this kind of force: and that there are within them tons of spiritual dynamite, in moral and spiritual conviction, waiting for some fire to set it off.

I believe that the real Church is the force of people
God can mobilize because they are available to Him.”

Sam Shoemaker is well known in the recovery community as he was AA cofounder Bill Wilson’s spiritual advisor during the vital pioneering days of AA. Bill W. wrote: “Dr. Sam Shoemaker was one of A.A.’s indispensables. Had it not been for his ministry to us in our early time, our Fellowship would not be in existence today.”

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