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Soul Surgery by H.A. Walter, M.A. - Sixth Edition

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This book is Soul Surgery - Some Thoughts On Incisive Personal Work by H.A. Walter, M.A.

This is the Sixth Edition from 1940. This is a paperback book that is in excellent condition. There is a piece of tape placed at the top of the front cover and bottom of the spine. There is no writing or markings inside the book.

"Soul Surgery" by H.A. Walter is a pivotal text related to the Oxford Group, the Christian movement that emphasized personal spiritual transformation and evangelism. The book, first published in the early 20th century, serves as a practical guide for conducting what the Oxford Group termed "personal work," which involves helping individuals confront and resolve their personal and spiritual problems through guided conversations and interventions.

The primary focus of "Soul Surgery" is on the methods and techniques for influencing others towards a spiritual awakening and moral inventory, which are critical components in the transformative process advocated by the Oxford Group. Walter outlines a detailed approach for this type of spiritual mentoring, which includes:
1. Listening and Understanding: Emphasizing the importance of truly listening to others to understand their struggles and spiritual conditions.
2. Confidentiality and Trust: Building a confidential and trusting relationship that encourages openness and honesty.
3. Questioning Techniques: Using specific questions to help individuals examine their lives, acknowledge their shortcomings, and recognize their need for God's guidance.
4. The Role of Prayer: Encouraging prayer as a means to seek divine guidance and support in the process of personal change.
5. Action Steps: Helping individuals to make concrete plans for making amends and changing behaviors.

"Soul Surgery" aligns with the Oxford Group's broader teachings that stress moral rigor, personal accountability, and the necessity of divine guidance for living a morally upright life. The book has been influential not only within the Oxford Group but also in shaping the methodologies of later spiritual and therapeutic communities, including Alcoholics Anonymous. Its practical approach to spiritual mentorship and personal transformation continues to be recognized for its depth and effectiveness.

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