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This Business of Living by L.W. Grensted

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This Business of Living by L.W. Grensted

This is a first printing from January 1939.

L.W. Grensted was also the author of the foreword in the book “What is the Oxford Group?”.

This book is in very good condition. There is light wear to the cover. Stains to the first page of the book.

Please view all of the photos for the conditions.

From the Preface:

I AM not quite certain whether this book is a study in psychology, or in philosophy, or in practical, everyday living. But I am the more content with that uncertainty because I am very sure that the three cannot be kept apart. We have suffered more than enough from psychology that will not stop to think what might be the meaning of the processes which it describes, and from philosophy that is content with abstractions and loses touch with daily life. And the pains and perplexities of that daily life itself, as we blunder through it under every sort of pressure, are witness to its need alike of a sound psychology and a sound philosophy. But the issue of it all must be practical, and I have tried to write a book that may help its readers to conclusions which will find a practical expression in their lives.