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Twice Born Men by Harold Begbie - 1909

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Twice Born Men: A Clinic in Regeneration by Harold Begbie. This book was published in 1909 by Fleming H. Revell Company. This book is dedicated to and includes a footnote in narrative to Professor William James, the author of The Varieties of Religious Experience

This book is in very good condition. There is some light wear to the cover. There is no writing or markings in the book.

About the book:

In 1909 psychologist Harold Begbie goes into a small slum district of London to conduct a research project. Inspired by a book, The Varieties of Religious Experience by William James, Professor of Philosophy at Harvard, Mr. Begbie wants to bring a companion book to James' book to describe the psychological effects of Christian conversion in the "lowest of the low" of the inhabitants of this small section of London. The Salvation Army was in the earliest stages of its work and Mr. Begbie enlists their help in finding his subjects. He presents the life stories of nine of the worst drunkards and criminals who had drastic life reformations after walking up to the "penitent form" at the front of a Salvation Army meeting hall. He concludes his study by saying, "When I visit the happy homes and experience the gentleness, kindness and refinement of such people as those whose life-stories appear in this book, and compare them with the squalor and misery of the great majority of homes surrounding them, I am astonished that the world should be so incredulous about religion, and that legislation should be so foolish as to attempt to do laboriously by enactments, clumsy and slow, what might be done instantly and easily by religion, if it had the full force of the community at its back."

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