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When Man Listens by Cecil Rose - 4th Printing - 1939

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This book is titled When Man Listens by Cecil Rose. The book was originally published in 1936 in Great Britain. This is a 4th Printing of the American version which was published by Oxford University Press in New York in 1939. This is a paperback book.

This book is in very good condition. There is light edge wear to the cover and spine. The pages are clean and fully intact. There is no writing or markings in the book.

"When Man Listens" has often been referred to as "a simple version of the Alcoholics Anonymous Book". This books gives straightforward, practical advice on spiritual matters, addressing readers in a direct and simple style that aims to make the principles of the Oxford Group accessible and actionable for everyone. It continues to be read by those interested in Christian spiritual growth and the historical roots of modern spiritual movements like Alcoholics Anonymous.

"When Man Listens" by Cecil Rose is a seminal book discussing the principles and spiritual practices of the Oxford Group, a Christian movement that focused on personal transformation and societal change through living out Christian ideals in everyday life. Written in the 1930s, the book is intended to convey the practical aspects of spiritual living, emphasizing the power of God to change lives when individuals truly listen to Him.

Cecil Rose outlines several key concepts in the book:

1. The importance of quiet time: Rose stresses the significance of dedicating time for prayer and meditation, where individuals can listen for God's guidance.
2. Surrender and obedience: The book advocates for a complete surrender to God's will and obedience to His guidance as essential steps toward spiritual renewal.
3. Personal moral inventory: Similar to practices later adopted by Alcoholics Anonymous, Rose encourages readers to conduct a thorough moral self-examination, confessing their faults to themselves, to God, and to another person.
4. Restitution: The author insists on the necessity of making amends for past wrongs as part of the process of spiritual healing and reconciliation.
5. Evangelism and witnessing: Rose emphasizes the role of sharing one's spiritual experiences with others as a way of spreading the message and helping others find the path to spiritual growth.

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