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Why I Believe In The Oxford Group by Jack C. Winslow

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Why I Believe In The Oxford Group by Jack C. Winslow

 This is a second printing from August 1934.

Jack C. Winslow was a prolific Oxford Group writer on Oxford Group principles. Winslow’s writings were recommended in Sam Shoemaker’s Calvary Evangel.

About the book from the Introduction:

This book is a small thank-offering. It is a book of personal witness to Christ ; witness to what He has done for me, and to what I have seen Him do for others, including many of my own friends. Good news clamours to be proclaimed. "We cannot but speak the things which we have heard and seen.”

I make no claim to any special attainment, nor to any special right to testify. I have climbed but a little way, and that little has shown me the towering heights still waiting to be scaled. But I am one of thousands for whom God has made life new through the working of His Spirit in the Oxford Group.”

This book is in good condition. It has experienced some wear and has handwriting, underlining and noted throughout.

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