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Conversion of the Church by Samuel M. Shoemaker - 1932

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Conversion of the Church by Samuel M. Shoemaker. The copyright page indicates that this book was published in 1932.

This book is in good condition. The book is fully intact, pages are clean with normal toning for its age. There is an inscription on the inside of the front cover, no other writing or markings in the book. The blue cloth in the spine is faded and has wear at the bottom and top edges.

Sam Shoemaker a pioneer in both the Oxford group movement and AA, presents in his book "The Conversion Of The Church" how the Church needs to operate like a fellowship and that in reality the Fellowship is the Church. Sam mentions in his Forward that the original church was often called the fellowship. AA is often refered to as the Fellowship. Sam devotes an entire Chapter to the genius of fellowship. There he emphasizes the importance of fellowship in The Chruch. "When the Church is alive the desire for fellowship is alive. Sam gives his definition of real fellowship. "the core and genius of real fellowship as i see it, is the power to live and work with people upon the basis of absolute love and honesty"

Sam Shoemaker is well known in the recovery community as he was AA cofounder Bill Wilson’s spiritual advisor during the vital pioneering days of AA. Bill W. wrote: “Dr. Sam Shoemaker was one of A.A.’s indispensables. Had it not been for his ministry to us in our early time, our Fellowship would not be in existence today.”

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