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Emotional Sobriety, The Next Frontier: Selected Stories from the AA Grapevine - 2nd Printing, 2007

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Emotional Sobriety, The Next Frontier

Selected Stories from the AA Grapevine

Second Printing from 2007

Powerful and uplifting, the book Emotional Sobriety: The Next Frontier features stories of sober women and men that depict the personal transformations that sobriety can bring when sober alcoholics practice the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous in all aspects of their lives.

In a 1958 article for Grapevine, the international journal of Alcoholics Anonymous, Bill W. wrote about the ongoing challenges of recovery that he faced long after he stopped drinking, including his struggle with depression. For him, “emotional sobriety” became the next frontier.

In these honest and humble essays drawn from the archives of Grapevine magazine, you’ll discover what emotional sobriety is all about. Many will realize that happiness is a by-product of giving without any demand for return; others learn to embrace the present with gratitude so they may claim moments of real peace.

This book is in very good condition, there is very little wear shown. 

Please view all of the photos for the conditions.