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Is There Life After Sobriety? by Mel B

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Is There Life After Sobriety?

How a recovering person sees the problems and challenges of living

by Mel B

This is the first Hazelden Printing from 1980. This book is a collection of articles that author Mel B.  wrote and had been published in various issues of the AA Grapevine.

About the book:

“While sorting through the challenges of sobriety, the author committed his thoughts and feelings to paper. Many of his discoveries eventually became articles for the A.A. Grapevine, and this collection spans 25 years of writing for that magazine. Because the inspiration for each piece was personal experience, the reader will find much that is applicable to everyday living. These readings, practical and full of feeling, add up to a guide for the sober life. The common difficulties of sobriety find expression in one man’s experience in A.A.”


This book is in very good condition. This is a large paperback book that has experienced some edge wear to the cover and spine. There is a sticker placed at the bottom of the spine by a previous book seller.

Please view all of the photos for conditions.