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Photo Magazine - Nightmare Prison - November 1953

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This issue of Photo magazine from November 1953 includes the article “Nightmare Prison”. This article is made up of photos with captions detailing the effects of drinking too heavily.

”Thousands get caught in a glass trap, and they find out too late that it is stronger than steel.”

“The city, with its millions of scurrying people, can be as desolate as the Sahara for someone who is alone. Plagued by boredom or sorrow or solitude, many of these cliff dwellers find that the world looks better when viewed through the hazy glow induced by liquor. Some lean too heavily on liquid happiness and soon find themselves trapped-prisoners of the bottle. Photographer Weegee brings this living nightmare into sharp focus.”

This magazine is in very good condition with minimal wear. Please view all of the photos for the conditions.