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SIGNED by Elwood Worcester - Allies of Religion - Limited Edition

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Autograph Edition

The Allies of Religion

Number 257 of a Limited 300 Printings

Elwood Worcester

First Edition - 1929

Marshall Jones Company

This book is signed by the author Elwood Worcester, and is number 257 of a limited printing of 300.

Elwood Worcester was the originator of the Emmanuel Movement philosophy. This book features a foreword by the Associate Director of the Emmanuel Movement, Samuel McComb.

The book "The Allies of Religion" by Elwood Worcester, first published in the early 20th century, explores the idea that religion can be supported and enhanced by insights from various fields of study, including science, psychology, and philosophy. Worcester, a key figure in the Emmanuel Movement, was well known for his progressive views on integrating scientific and psychological principles with religious faith to address personal and social problems.

Worcester advocates for a closer relationship between religion and other disciplines, arguing that each can support and enrich the understanding of the other. He posits that rather than being in conflict, fields like psychology and natural sciences can be allies of religious thought and practice.

A significant portion of the book discusses the relevance of psychological insights to religious practices, particularly how understanding human psychology can enhance the effectiveness of religious counseling and spiritual growth. This reflects Worcester's background in the Emmanuel Movement, which combined psychological counseling with spiritual guidance to treat disorders like depression and addiction.

Worcester explores how scientific discoveries, particularly those that reveal the complexity and order of the universe, can deepen religious awe and reinforce faith. He discusses how science and religion address different aspects of human experience and how they can be complementary rather than contradictory.

The book also delves into philosophical questions about the nature of reality, human purpose, and the ethical implications of religious beliefs, suggesting that philosophy can provide a bridge between scientific understandings and religious teachings.

Worcester does not only theorize but also discusses practical applications, showing how integrating insights from various disciplines can enhance religious practice and community life.


This book is in excellent condition. There is some edge wear to the book cover, sticker on the spine. There is a stamp and handwriting on the title page. This book has rough cut edges for the pages inside.

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