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Pass It On Fourth Printing 1988 - ODJ

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This is the Fourth Printing of Pass It On from 1988.

Who Wrote Pass It On?

ANSWER: After finishing "Dr. Bob and the Good Oldtimers," <<Niles P. immediately began research for a similar biography of Bill W., except that the problem was now one of selection from the plethora of material to draw on, including the Robert Thompson biography published by Harper & Row. Also, Niles felt overwhelmed by the challenge of portraying Bill’s complex character, colored by his own personal acquaintanceship with the co-founder. Finally Niles fell ill with cancer and resigned from the assignment.

Mel B., a professional writer working in corporate relations in Toledo, Ohio, was engaged to take over. After working for two years, Mel produced a voluminous, thoroughly researched, well-written manuscript. (A remark made by the nonalcoholic stenographer whom Mel hired to type the final manuscript should be preserved for posterity. Unfamiliar with A.A., she got caught up in the drama of Bill’s story, and when she had finished, she said, “He was such an intelligent and talented man. It’s too bad he never did anything with his life!”)

The Literature Committee felt that Mel B.’s manuscript lacked vitality and failed to make Bill come alive. So the project was turned over to Catherine N., a freelance writer in New York, to add human interest touches. After conducting additional interviews, she started to work on the manuscript. Soon, however, Catherine stopped in frustration, reporting that she could not do justice to the subject by patching and filling and asking for permission to do a complete rewrite in her own style. She was given a go-ahead and spent another year and a half in producing the final book.

A number of suggested titles were considered, but none seemed quite right. Then one day, a staff member showed Bob P. general manager of G.S.O. a thank you letter from a member who was the delegate from Delaware for his visit to G.S.O. on Open House Day. He compared his feelings with the first time he had met Bill. “I was a couple of months sober and so excited,” he wrote, “so thrilled to actually meet the co-founder that I gushed all over him with what my sobriety meant to me and my undying gratitude for his starting A.A. When I ran down, he took my hand in his and said simply, ‘Pass It On'” Bob P. exclaimed, “There’s our title!” The book was subtitled, “The Story of Bill Wilson and how the A.A. message reached the world.” Again designed by Nelson Gruppo, it came off the press just before Christmas 1984.>> Bob P. (Bob P.'s history MAY contain information that not all historians agree on. Documented corrections or additions are welcomed.

CONFERENCE ADVISORY ACTION: 1984 It was recommended that: The Bill W. biography be approved with the title Pass It On.

This book still has its original dust jacket. The book is in very good condition and appears to have never been used. There is no writing or markings inside the book. The dust jacket has some very minor wear.

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